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Publication: Library Journal Reviews
Author: Maureen Neville
Date: July 15, 2005

In his second novel (after The Huntsman ), Terrell uses the first person to tell the coming-of-age story of Jack Acheson. Jack's father, the colorful Alton Acheson, yearns to be one of Kansas City's (MO) real estate movers and shakers during a time of suburban expansion and schemes his way into land and property deals-often calling upon his son and wife to be fellow conspirators. While Jack's intelligence and healthy skepticism help keep him above the fray, he nevertheless falls for Geanie Bowen, granddaughter of his father's nemesis, who becomes a lifelong challenge. Terrell is an astute, sensitive, and funny writer with the ability to pull readers into the story even when geographic details and complexities threaten to overwhelm it. All the characters ring true, as does the analysis of a city deteriorating after white upper-middle-class residents flee to the suburbs, lured by the designs of unscrupulous real estate magnates. Highly recommended.-Maureen Neville, Trenton P.L., NJ